doit has extensive online documentation please read the docs!

Feedback & Ideas

Discussion forum

It is always nice to receive feedback. If you use doit please drop us line sharing your experience. It is appreciated if you introduce yourself, also mention how long are you using doit and using it for what.

A lot of doit features were driven by external ideas and use-cases, so new ideas are welcome too.


Question can be asked in the discussion forum or on StackOverflow using tag doit.

Please, do not use the github issue tracker to ask questions! Nor send private emails to project maintainer.


If you find issues using doit please report at github issues.

All issues should contain a sample minimal and the used command line to reproduce the problem.

Feature requests

Feature requests should also be raised on github, sometimes it is a good idea to have an initial discussion of a new feature in the discussion forum.

You will be expected provide a real world / example of why and how this feature would be used (if not obvious).

Users are expected to implement new features themselves. If you are not willing to spend your time on it, probably nobody else will…

You might sponsor a feature by placing bounties or by contacting the maintainer directly.


If you consider doit to be a useful project, and would like to see it continue to be maintained and developed, please consider helping cover the development cost. Thriving project requires a maintainer to keep list of issues and list of pull requests short.

doit is 100% open-source and maintained by individuals without any company backing it… financial help is appreciated.

The project receives donation through OpenCollective or Paypal.

Commercial Support

For commercial support as well as consulting on computational pipelines by doit creator & maintainer, please contact: schettino72 at