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Gratipay weekly funding goal is $?.?? USD.

Why Donate? Help keep the project alive! Donations will be used for project maintanance tasks (bug fixes, merge patches, reply users).

For corporate donations the logo of your company will be placed on this website side-bar (see above). For more information please contact

Hire me

Looking for a python developer with a proven record of designing and developing robust and well tested applications? The creator and maintainer of doit is available for hire. Full-time, part-time or one-off job.

doit documentation

doit documentation introduces the concepts of every feature one by one with examples. It is the preferred way to learn doit and it also serves as a complete reference. You may skip parts of advanced task configuration used on non trivial work-flows on a first read, but make sure you reach the docs describing the command line...

The total reading time for the whole documentation is about one hour.

articles & tutorials

For a short introduction check the articles below: